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Fiber Installations

Fiber Installations have quickly become the “de facto” standard for ultra-fast and reliable data transfer to accommodate the demands of modern-day computing. The amount of data that can be transferred over fiber is +10 times faster than over Cat5e and Cat6 connections. That combined with the fact that it’s not susceptible to interference makes it a logical and less expensive option where long cable runs in high electromagnetic areas are required.

network cable installation cape town %fiber installation companies cape town

We can assist with fiber installations:

We provide the complete turnkey solution for any fiber project.


Fiber Installations to increase data speeds

We utilize different fiber types depending on the requirement. Multimode fiber is more commonly used for buildings/apartment bock reticulation, whereas single-mode fiber is used for very long distances (i.e. between buildings). Multimode is preferred when connecting different floors within a building together as it can carry more data than that of single-mode fiber.

Our projects are tested before handing them over to the client. Individual link test results can be provided on signoff as well.

Fiber optics is the new standard if you require fast internet speed. Our friendly technicians do all the fiber optics installation while you have a cup of coffee. With so many years of experience, we built a strong reputation building network and providing cost-effective services like fiber optic installation in Cape Town. We assure perfect bandwidth for any device in your home or office. First, we evaluate your present and future fiber installation requirements and design possible solutions from there. We provide scalable, budget-friendly solutions that suit our client’s present ICT needs as well as future needs. That is why our fiber installation services are the best fiber installation service available. We install future-proof fiber networks that increase productivity and decrease maintenance for years to come. Get the best fiber optics Cape Town services here to enjoy a perfect networking experience.