Network Cable Installations | Data & Voice Cabling | LAN

Network Cable Installations, Data & Voice Cabling specialist Company based in Cape Town. We specialize in Network Installations, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Fiber Installations, and Wireless Installations

We can assist with:

      • Data and Voice Installations
      • Network Point Installation
      • Network Cable Installations for businesses, educational institutions, hospitality industry, estates, complexes, call centers
      • Network Point re-locations
      • Office relocations
      • Network Point tracing and fault finding
      • Cable Management
      • Server room cleanups
      • Cabinet cleanups

Whether you require structured cabling, ethernet cabling or LAN cable for schools, call centers, business offices, or at home, we can manage the project from start to finish, on time and within budget.

A solid network is of utmost importance for the modern office. A substandard installation hinders staff productivity and wastes thousands of rands in revenue. Installing a reliable, scalable network will increase staff productivity and turnover.

That’s why companies like Marriot International, CTP Printers, and Chas Everitt trust our knowledge and experience to keep their office networks running in optimum condition. Don’t compromise on your network infrastructure. 

In the modern home and business, you have multiple devices connected to the internet simultaneously, for example, computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other smart appliances. No one likes a frustrating network connection. We all have online meetings and emails, live streaming, and daily selfies to share with our friends. This is possible when you have a perfect network installation according to your present and future needs. Our network cable installation Cape Town service is perfect if you require a trouble-free business and home network. Our professional network cable installers are experts in their field. They will install and manage your business and home network for an optimized online experience.

Our network experts discuss everything with the client, from the design to the implementation of your network. Our networks are robust and scalable, which means your business will be more productive and your home will have a better streaming experience. Working from home productivity will increase tremendously, all while streaming a movie in the background and being on a call at the same time. Our data and voice cabling enable a tremendous amount of data to be shared in no time. So, get a worry-free online experience with the best network installation Cape Town services. You will see a clear difference after getting network point installation done by us.